1982 Cocaine Anonymous was founded

1995 Cocaine Anonymous created its first web site.  Almost immediately, the C.A. office began to receive dozens of emails each day. Among the emails received were emails asking: “Are there any online C.A. meetings?

1997 The first online email meeting “Hope, Faith and Courage” was opened.

1999 Two more email meetings were formed, “Sisters in Sobriety” and “The Study”  The online groups joined together to create an Online Service Committee using the internet domain of “ca-online.org.”

2000 At the C.A. World Service Conference of 2000, the Online Service Committee was granted “area” status making it the online equivalent of the traditional areas that make up the C.A. fellowship. In this way, www.ca-online.org became the Cocaine Anonymous Online Service Area.

2001 “There is a Solution” meeting began

2002 “Steps On Line” meeting started

2010 Voice meetings were introduced

Today There are several VoIP meetings with hundreds of members participating from countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Online Service Area of Cocaine Anonymous