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OSA Online Meetings

OSA Online Meetings 

To start an online C.A. meeting and/or list your online C.A. meeting:  Contact-  webservant@ca-online.org for more information.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Pacific Standard Time (PST) Eastern Standard Time (EST) British Standard Time (BST) Central European Summer Time (CEST)
Please check the time above for the time zone you are in.  U.S. Daylight Savings and U.K. Daylight Savings happen about two weeks apart. U.K. falls back at 2am Sunday October 25th/U.S. falls back at 2am Sunday November 1st. The schedule can vary and be 1 hour different during that period.


OPEN: Attended by C.A. members, their families, friends and other interested people.
CLOSED: Attendance is limited to C.A. members only.


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Spanish Speaking Meeting



Preparing for a Skype Voice meeting

You need Skype™ software and a Skype™ account (both free) to participate in the Skype™ Voice meetings.

Getting started with Skype™ will help guide you through getting Skype™, setting up an account and signing in for the first time.

Once you have Skype™ working, you need to Add the Meeting Contact to your Skype™ contacts.  Do this as far in advance of the meeting start time as you can. Once the meeting contact accepts your contact request you will be able to see when they are online.  Sometime this will only happen a few minutes before a meeting is about to start.

Attending a Voice meeting

Start up Skype™ a few minutes before the meeting start time.  Make sure that you update your status to show the green “online” or “available” icon to show you are ready.

You can send an instant message to the meeting contact to ask to join the meeting.

The meeting contact will call you (do not call them as this will not get you into the meeting).  If for any reason you lose connection during the meeting, send an instant message to the meeting contact and they will call you again.

During the meeting it is polite to keep your microphone muted when you are not talking.


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