New Year’s Marathon Skype™ Meeting

You’re Invited To the C.A. Online New Year’s Marathon Meetings…

Please join us for “No Resolutions; Just Solutions” with C.A. members all over the world. Brought to your home or meeting by the Online Service Area of C.A.


11PM – 11AM GMT




Online on the Skype venue @ osamarathon

How do you join us?

Just connect with osamarathon on Skype anytime between now and the start of the marathon and you are in! One of our hosts will call you into the meeting, or you can just send a Skype text to let us know that you want to join and you will be brought right in!

Want to Help?

We have some openings for meeting chairs, speakers and hosts, if you would like to participate. Just let us know (soon). Just join the room and post a text right there, letting us know that you would like to take a spot.

Thanks, and see you there!

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