CA online provide two types of online meetings:

  • Email meetings – These are email based and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Voice meetings – These are voice only “Skype™” meetings and are similar in format to face to face meetings. Each meeting is held once a week and begins at the time listed. There is also a new VoIP program available for anyone that wants to start a  daily or weekly meeting. Contact for more information

All meetings are free of charge. In keeping with C.A. traditions, there are no dues or fees for membership.

Download CA OnLine Meeting Schedule-

OSA Schedule Tri-fold  2-19

Note: In the spirit of Tradition 6, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.

E-mail Meetings

Meeting Description
Sisters in Sobriety Discussion meeting for women seeking recovery join
The Study Book study meeting join
Hope, Faith & Courage Discussion meeting for all addicts seeking recovery join
There Is A Solution Discussion meeting for men seeking recovery join
Steps Online Discussion meeting focused on one of the 12 steps join

To join an email meeting simply click on the join link next to it.  The address that you join with will be used to send and receive meeting emails using email list software on the CA online system.  After you have joined you will receive a welcome email and then start to receive meetings emails.

VoIP (Voice) Meetings 

                      ***Your meeting can go here!****                   

contact for more information

Meeting Contact: A.Vision.For.You

Meeting Name


A Vision For You (Tuesday)

Meeting Contact: live:avision4you164

Meeting Name


Both Sides of the Pond (Monday) Monday
Both Sides of the Pond (Thursday) Thursday

For the Both sides of the pond meeting announcements and join link (to get announcements to meetings or to ask to be added)  go here-

Meeting Contact: the.4thdimension

Meeting Name


The 4th Dimension

Big Book Study

09:00.GMT/BST   04:00 EST/EDT

Meeting Contact: Reachingout121

Meeting Name


Reaching Out Every Day 23:00.GMT/BST 18:00 EST/EDT

Meeting Contact: Into Action Online

Meeting Name Time
Into Action Online(Tuesday)

Big Book Discussion



Into Action Online(Friday)                         

Big Book Discussion



Meeting Contact: C.A. In Times of Illness

Meeting Name


C.A. In Times of Illness Sundays 20:00.GMT/BST 15:00 EST/EDT

Preparing for a Voice meeting

You need Skype™ software and a Skype™ account (both free) to participate in the Skype™ Voice meetings.

Getting started with Skype™ will help guide you through getting Skype™, setting up an account and signing in for the first time.

Once you have Skype™ working, you need to Add the Meeting Contact to your Skype™ contacts.  Do this as far in advance of the meeting start time as you can. Once the meeting contact accepts your contact request you will be able to see when they are online.  Sometime this will only happen a few minutes before a meeting is about to start.


Attending a Voice meeting

Start up Skype™ a few minutes before the meeting start time.  Make sure that you update your status to show the green “online” or “available” icon to show you are ready.

You can send an instant message to the meeting contact to ask to join the meeting.

The meeting contact will call you (do not call them as this will not get you into the meeting).  If for any reason you lose connection during the meeting, send an instant message to the meeting contact and they will call you again.


During the meeting it is polite to keep your microphone muted when you are not talking.